Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Syllabus: Art of Africa and the African Diaspora for Baltimore Area Students

Week 1
Bailey, Martin. "Benin Mask Withdrawn From Auction." Art Newspaper 20.221 (2011): 6. Biography Reference Bank (H.W. Wilson).
Siddique, Haroon.  “Cambridge College's Bronze Cockerel Must Go Back to Nigeria, Students Say.” The Guardian. Guardian News and Media, 21 Feb. 2016. Web. 31 Oct. 2016.
Week 2
Mann, C. Griffith. "A Devotional Ethiopian Icon Acquired In Honor Of The Director (36.16)." Journal Of The Walters Art Museum 62.(2004): 191-193. Art Full Text (H.W. Wilson). Web.
Week 3
Ebeigbe, Sweet Ufumwen. "The Rhetorical Function Of Portraits From Benin (Nigeria)." Wacana Seni Journal Of Arts Discourse 12.(2013): 1-18. Humanities International Complete.
Week 4
Bryan, Jennifer, and Torchia Robert. "The Mysterious Portraitist Joshua Johnson." Archives of American Art Journal 36.2 (1996): 3-7. Web.
Week 5
Junge, Peter. "Age Determination of Commemorative Heads The Example of the Berlin Collection." Benin Kings and Rituals: Court Arts from Nigeria. By Barbara Plankensteiner. Gent: Snoeck, 2007.
Week 6
Simpson, Marianna Shreve. "Expanding Boundaries: A Manuscript of the Qur'an from Sub-Saharan Africa (W.853)." The Journal of the Walters Art Museum 62 (2004): 237-39. Web.
Week 7
Blackmun, Barbara W. "From Trader to Priest in Two Hundred Years: The Transformation of a Foreign Figure on Benin Ivories." Art Journal 1988: 128. JSTOR Journals. Web. 27 Oct. 2016.
Week 8
Bigham, Elizabeth. "Issues of Authorship in the Portrait Photographs of Seydou Keïta." African Arts, 1999., 56
Week 9
Boisragon, Alan M. The Benin Massacre. London: Methuen, 1897. Internet resource.
Graham James D. The Slave Trade, Depopulation and Human Sacrifice in Benin History. In: Cahiers d'études africaines, vol. 5, n°18, 1965. pp. 317-334;
Week 10
Berlin, Ira. "Mining the Museum and the Rethinking of Maryland's History."Mining the Museum: An Installation by Fred Wilson. By Lisa G. Corrin. Baltimore: New/The Contemporary, 1994. 35-46. Print.
Week 11
Lindsay, Ivan. "The British Museum and Punitive Expeditions Against Ashanti and Benin." History of Loot and Stolen Art from Antiquity until the Present Day. London: Unicorn, 2014. 219-39. Print.
Week 12
James, Laura Leffler. "Convergence: History, Materials, And The Human Hand--An Interview With El Anatsui." Art Journal 67.2 (2008): 36.MasterFILE Premier. Web. 4 July 2016.
Week 13
Ogene, John. "The Politics Of Patronage And The Igun Artworker In Benin City." African Arts 1 (2012): 42. Academic OneFile. Web. 26 Oct. 2016.
Week 14
hooks, bell. "The Poetics of Soul: Art for Everyone." Art on My Mind: Visual Politics. New York: New, 1995. 10-21. Print.
Week 15
Ugiomoh, Frank. "Nigerian Art History And ‘The Hegelian Unconscious’." Third Text 19.4 (2005): 329-338. Academic Search Premier. Web.

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